Letters from LaJulietta, Sept. 2014

02, September, 2014

Letters from LaJulietta September 2014 Push Through Happy Labor Day Welcome Back Students, Preparation for the new school year is difficult but once you have all...read more >

Letters from LaJulietta, Aug. 2014

15, July, 2014

Letters from LaJulietta August 2014 Swim. Life is an ever flowing current that doesn’t stop. We always have to keep going no matter what comes our...read more >

Letters from LaJulietta, July 2014

13, June, 2014

Letters from LaJulietta July 2014 Mountains. Happy 4th of July everyone! What can move a mountain? It’s rock solid in its form. I will say this...read more >

Letters from LaJulietta, June 2014

23, May, 2014

Letters from LaJulietta June 2014 Keep the enthusiasm Happy Father’s Day CONGRATULATIONS to the CLASS OF 2014! We have to always keep our strength up. Even...read more >

Letters from LaJulietta, May 2014

05, May, 2014

Letters from LaJulietta May 2014 There’s Joy Happy Memorial Day After we triumph over our circumstances there is great relief. Although the battle was difficult, we...read more >